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Kansas City School District Embraces IoT and Paves Way for 1:1 Learning with Aerohive Solution

Aerohive Networks

Milpitas, Calif. — April 20, 2017 — Aerohive Networks® (NYSE:HIVE), the fastest growing enterprise Wi-Fi vendor, announced today that Olathe Public Schools, the second largest and fastest-growing district in Kansas, deployed Aerohive’s enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solution to support their 1:1 learning initiative across more than 50 schools.

News Facts

  • Serving the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Olathe Public Schools is the second largest and fastest-growing district in the state. The district is home to 35 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and four high schools, with plans for a new high school to open in the coming year. In addition to these schools, the district has 21 support facilities throughout the area to support more than 29,000 students and over 4,000 staff.
  • Olathe Public Schools first deployed a Wi-Fi network in 2004, installing 3Com access points in school libraries before wireless was in high demand. After several years with 3Com, the IT team implemented a Trapeze network to accommodate changes and growing demand at the school. A few years ago, the district began having issues with reliability, which coincided with a 1:1 implementation across many schools, forcing Olathe to look at new enterprise-grade wireless solutions to accommodate density and seamless network management, as well as to upgrade to 802.11ac technology across all schools.
  • Olathe’s IT team set up a bake-off with solutions from Aerohive, Aruba, Meraki, and Ruckus at some of the oldest elementary schools in the district. In 2014, Olathe had many drivers for needing a rock-solid comprehensive wireless solution that was easy to manage across the entire network, including upgrades, configurations and seamless management for more than 22,000 IoT devices on the network.
  • Following the evaluations and pilot tests, Aerohive came out on top for performance and reliability, as well as offering an intuitive and intelligent network management system. Working with Aerohive reseller Aercor Wireless, Olathe moved forward to deploy Aerohive across all schools and throughout the entire district.
  • Olathe completed the install in-house and chose Aerohive AP230 access points, and will soon install AP245X, AP250 and AP550 access points as the deployment expands and new schools open. At the time of the initial deployment, Olathe’s IT team used Aerohive’s mapping tools to do a walk-through at each school and administrative building to maximize access point placement.
  • The IT team is on-boarding users and devices with Aerohive’s Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) technology. Olathe has successfully on-boarded an initial group of users, with plans to on-board over 22,000 users onto HiveManager™ NG using PPSK by the end of the summer, creating unique pre-shared keys for users on the same SSID. This solution is ideal for a district of Olathe’s significant size, as well as for a 1:1 school environment where BYOD capability is not as critical.
  • Olathe is currently using CloudPath to on-board users for guest login onto Aerohive’s enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solution, providing the required enterprise features and interoperability for the district. Soon, guests and users requiring BYOD will be routed by PPSK to a separate SSID with a captive web portal for optimal security and firewall management.
  • Olathe’s IT team has transitioned students to new devices, such as Windows devices, MacBooks, iPads and Mac minis. Teachers and administrators are equipped with Wi-Fi to integrate technology into the classroom. Every part of the curriculum and classroom is leveraging the Aerohive solution for efficiency and blended learning.
  • Students use educational tools, such as Google Classroom and Edmodo, as well as a host of other applications. Teachers and administrators can take attendance wirelessly, and even print tardy slips from wireless printing devices. Recently, several middle schools collaborated on a STEM project, creating wind turbines using wireless probe devices to test and problem-solve designs. The students used iPads to Skype and collaborate via Google Docs on blade design and other aspects of their projects.
  • Olathe Public Schools will continue to expand and advance its technology initiatives, including integrating many STEM programs and administrative operations onto the Aerohive network. By expanding the Wi-Fi network to allow more schools to adopt 1:1 and blended instruction, Olathe students and teachers are set to embrace future technologies.
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