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Aerohive Takes ‘FASTPATH’ to Cloud-Managed Switch Stacking


Milpitas, Calif. — August 24, 2017 — Aerohive Networks® (NYSE:HIVE), Innovator of Cloud Networking Management and Services, today announced the industry’s first cloud-managed stacking technology for Aerohive and Broadcom FASTPATH®-based switches. Organizations now have access to a comprehensive and radically simplified management experience for unified wireless and wired networks, supported by contextual-based network policies, zero-touch provisioning, and intuitive monitoring and support tools that can scale to 1+ Million managed devices.

Available late August, highlights of the new switch stacking capabilities include:

  • Effortless deployment and provisioning up to 1+ Million devices with streamlined configuration and the ability to create, clone, and customize switch stack templates in a couple of clicks.
  • With the intuitive HiveManager® NG UI, organizations can easily define and manage switch stack settings, customize exceptions, and apply bulk device configurations to switch stacks with ease and efficiency.
  • Opting to leave the rigid, delay-prone SNMP management approach behind, Aerohive’s Cloud Management for Switching instead utilizes a cloud-based HiveAgent™ communicator and embedded HiveAgent software that, when integrated by a manufacturer in its Broadcom FASTPATH-based switches, can enable near-real-time configuration, in-depth visibility, faster reporting, SSH-troubleshooting access, and highly secure management traffic communication via the Aerohive Cloud.

“We took a modern approach to switch stack implementations by embedding platforms with a purpose-built, agent-based application called ‘HiveAgent’ for streamlined configuration and reporting of both Aerohive and Broadcom FASTPATH-based switches,” said Doug Case, engineering team lead for cloud-managed switch stacking, Aerohive Networks.

“The HiveAgent communicates over a secure SSL connection with HiveManager NG and offers near-real-time configuration and extensive visibility and reporting. With the cloud-based HiveAgent communicator and HiveAgent, it becomes straightforward to extend Cloud-based Switch Management, including switch stacking, to any manufacturer using Broadcom FASTPATH-based switches.”