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Management Team

Meet Virtual Graffiti’s Management Team. Virtual Graffiti’s management team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and delivering outstanding service. If you have any inquires please call us at 800.886.5369!


Hillel Sackstein

President & CEO


team member

Hillel founded Virtual Graffiti, Inc as an e-commerce software development company in 1999. Within the first few years, Hillel shifted the company's core focus to the fast growing network security market.


Michael Ellison

Vice President of Sales


team member

Michael oversees the ongoing sales management of the company's worldwide customer base. Michael is responsible for managing sales teams and evaluating new vendors.


Howard Sackstein

Vice President of Marketing


team member

Howard creates and maintains strategic relationships with our partners to increase product interest and demand. Howard has an extensive history in sales and marketing.


Ryan Lipschitz

Vice President of Engineering


team member

Ryan manages all engineering and technical product support teams at Virtual Graffiti. As one of the company's first employees, Ryan brings an extensive background in information technology to our team.


Joel Newman

Vice President of Business Development


team member

Joel plays an essential role in the success of Virtual Graffiti's sales team. Joining Virtual Graffiti in 2007, Joel previously held a management position with Xerox Corp.


Jonathan Berger

Vice President of Operations


team member

Jonathan actively drives and implements the strategy of Virtual Graffiti. He also oversees the development of our 200+ partner websites and coordinates digital marketing.


Robbie Levy

Vice President of Marketplace E-commerce


team member

Robbie has played an integral role in Virtual Graffiti’s explosive growth. Joining Virtual Graffiti in 2010, Robbie arrived with an in-depth accounting and operations management background.