Virtual Graffiti, Inc - Your Source for Technology Solutions

Executive Management Team

- President & CEO

Hillel founded Virtual Graffiti, Inc as an e-commerce software development company in 1999. Within the first few years, Hillel shifted the company's core focus to the fast growing network security market. Under his leadership, Virtual Graffiti has experienced tremendous growth into a multi-million dollar, international, IT Solution Provider. Hillel is involved in many of the day to day operations as well as key vendor and customer relations. He has implied a strong and focused work ethic among all of the employees. This has created a fun and focused atmosphere that encourages growth.

- Vice President of Engineering

Ryan manages all engineering and technical product support teams at Virtual Graffiti. As one of the company's first employees, Ryan brings an extensive background in information technology to our team. Ryan holds numerous product and industry certifications and has technical experience on all of our product offerings. He is responsible for coordinating product configurations, developing customer IT Infrastructure, and advising IT consultants and network administrators. Ryan is also involved in many of the day to day sales in Virtual Graffiti's top product lines offering superior pre-sales support.

- Vice President of Sales

Michael oversees the ongoing sales management of the company's worldwide customer base. Michael's exceptional sales background includes working in distribution as a Senior Account Manager, developing an ongoing relationship with Hillel and Virtual Graffiti and later accepting the opportunity to join the team. Michael is responsible for managing sales teams, evaluating new vendors and ensuring the continued growth and profitability of existing product lines. Michael preserves the commitment of his sales team to recognize potential growth while maintaining customer satisfaction.

- Vice President of Marketing

Howard creates and maintains strategic relationships with our partners to increase product interest and demand. Howard has an extensive history in sales and marketing. A graduate of Rand Academic University in South Africa, he has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing. Howard played a pivotal role in the creation and growth of ISER, the largest consumer electronics buying group in Africa. After moving to the United States in 2003, he has helped grow Virtual Graffiti into the multi faceted company it is today.

- Vice President of Business Development

Joel plays an essential role in the success of Virtual Graffiti's sales team. Joining Virtual Graffiti in 2007, Joel previously held a management position with Xerox Corp for 7 years before transitioning to Alternative Technology in 2004. After building a strong relationship managing the Virtual Graffiti account, Joel was recruited to the team for his persistence and commitment to superior customer service. Joel's focus is to uphold high company morale while increasing sales revenues and to help maintain strategic vendor relationships with key industry partners. Joel has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance from California State University, Long Beach.

- Vice President of Operations

Jonathan actively drives and implements the strategy of Virtual Graffiti. He also oversees the development of our 200+ partner websites, as well as coordinates digital marketing to make these websites successful. Jonathan joined Virtual Graffiti at the end of 2016 having relocated from Johannesburg, South Africa. In Johannesburg, he held various operational roles including that of CEO of Saicom Voice Services, a major cloud telecommunications company and internet service provider. Jonathan graduated with an MBA (Cum Laude) from the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Johannesburg, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.