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Aerohive® Provides Time Travel Services for Customers Through Continued Cloud Networking Architecture Investments and Updates


Milpitas, Calif. — November 30, 2017 — Aerohive Networks® (NYSE:HIVE), a Cloud Networking Leader, today announced it is enriching its data platform with advanced historical reporting services, giving its cloud customers a broadened toolset for access network management, reporting, and remediation. For organizations with highly distributed networks and limited resources, monitoring and troubleshooting can often be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Cloud Networking has already paved the way for streamlined network management in real-time. Now Aerohive is taking advantage of its Elasticsearch Cloud architecture to simplify historical reporting and troubleshooting, powered by a new 30-day data reporting engine and a suite of intuitive and rapid data search tools. Aerohive’s increased data reporting services are enabled by its recently expanded Cloud footprint, capable of serving one million managed devices and over 10 million connected clients within a single Regional Data Center (RDC). Aerohive’s global RDCs collect and correlate data for HiveManager® NG, Aerohive’s Cloud Management platform for unified wired and wireless access networks. To consume the data, HiveManager NG has been equipped with a convenient and user-friendly time slider and an instant, predictive search bar, that can quickly assist administrators to determine user, device, application, and network state over a 30-day period. The increased data retention and simplified data sorting tools offer a simpler way to understand network usage and identify and remedy problematic devices, environments, or users from any location in real-time or as a snapshot for consumption at a later time.