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Aerohive® Announces Completed Migration to Third-Generation HiveManager® Network Management and Analytics Application

Aerohive Aerohive integrates Elasticsearch and Machine Learning across Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Portable Cloud Architecture Milpitas, Calif. — May 14, 2018 — Aerohive Networks® (NYSE: HIVE), a Cloud Networking leader, today announced it has successfully completed its migration to its third-generation HiveManager network management and analytics application, and is therefore removing the “Next Generation – NG” nomenclature from the name. Moving forward it will be called HiveManager, abbreviated as “HM” instead of HiveManager Next Generation, which used the “HMNG” abbreviation. The removal of “NG” from HiveManager was occasioned by 65 percent of net-new customers in Q1 choosing the third-generation HiveManager over previous generations, along with a surge in migrations from previous generations to the third-generation HiveManager. To build the third-generation HiveManager, Aerohive’s Product Development Team moved from a Waterfall Methodology, through a Continuous Integration Methodology, to the currently utilized Continuous Delivery Methodology, which delivers high-velocity innovation to Aerohive’s partner and customer community. Recent and imminent innovations include Comparative Analytics, new ways to troubleshoot client and network issues using machine-learning-augmented analytics, GDPR-compliance functionality, and management of the industry’s first 802.11ax family of access points. Aerohive continues to sell and support its legacy management platforms, HiveManager Classic On-Premises, abbreviated as “HMC”, and HiveManager Classic Online, abbreviated as “HMOL”. Note that HMOL was the first cloud-based management application to manage the triad of routing, switching, and wireless elements of Enterprise Access Networks. HiveManager runs on Aerohive’s third-generation public cloud, private cloud, or portable cloud, software-centric, distributed, multi-tenant architecture based on Elasticsearch, a powerful search-and-analytics platform with native machine learning capabilities. Aerohive’s third-generation public cloud Regional Data Centers (RDCs) are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and are built with the very latest cloud technology, including Elasticsearch, Reactive Stream Processing, and In-Memory-Data-Grid, and they are supported by Aerohive DevOps using deployment/monitoring tools including Packer, Ansible, Elastic Beats, and Kibana. Each AWS-hosted Aerohive public cloud RDC can support 1+ million managed devices and 10+ million concurrent-connected clients. Aerohive’s third-generation private cloud RDCs are cloud-hosting agnostic and built on the same code base as Aerohive’s public cloud RDCs, but with customized deployment and monitoring tools and procedures to accommodate deployment on either public cloud infrastructure, such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure Cloud Services (ACS), or a customer’s on-premises data center. Aerohive DevOps performs operational management of the private clouds regardless of where they are deployed. Each Aerohive private cloud RDC is also capable of supporting 1+ million managed devices and 10+ million concurrent-connected clients. Aerohive DevOps can spin up additional RDCs in either AWS-hosted public or private or non-AWS-hosted cloud environments in less than 30 minutes. Demonstrating the speed and flexibility of the upgraded architecture, Aerohive has added several customer-hosted private cloud RDCs, as well as three new public cloud RDCs in Japan, Germany, and Australia in recent months. Aerohive’s third-generation portable cloud (formerly known as NGVA) is an on-premises virtual appliance also built on the same code base as Aerohive public cloud. It’s simple-to-use management console enables a customer’s IT staff to deploy and manage an on-premises deployment that is smaller in footprint than the public or private cloud deployment. Each Aerohive portable cloud can support up to 3,500+ managed devices and 35,000+ concurrent-connected clients with increased support for up to 5,000+ managed devices and 50,000+ concurrent-connected clients planned by the end of Q3 2018. Aerohive customers and partners managing their networks with HiveManager running on Aerohive’s third-generation public cloud, private cloud, or portable cloud architecture immediately benefit from increased reliability, flexibility, and scale, along with faster feature velocity and native Elasticsearch machine learning capabilities. These innovations further solidify Aerohive’s position as a Cloud Networking leader and the only vendor that can deliver a singular experience and hassle-free portability of wireless, switching, and routing hardware across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises portable cloud deployments.