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Nutreco Boosts Global Operations and Innovation with Cloud Networking from Aerohive®

Aerohive Milpitas, Calif. — May 21, 2018 — Aerohive Networks® (NYSE: HIVE), a Cloud Networking leader, today announced that Nutreco, a global producer of fish and animal feed, has chosen Aerohive to provide its new and innovative Wi-Fi network across their global operations. After testing multiple brands, Nutreco chose Aerohive for its planning and insight tools, as well as Aerohive’s SD-LAN capabilities powered by HiveManager and the unlimited scalability. Nutreco is a global producer of fish and animal feed represented in 36 countries and operating from more than 180 locations; from the northernmost point of Norway to the south of Chile, and from Tasmania to Vancouver. Nutreco’s customers include local farmers, cattle feed factories and fish farms. Over recent years, the use of mobile devices at Nutreco has steadily increased and the strain was too much for company’s legacy Wi-Fi network, implemented in 2007, to handle. The capacity, stability and coverage of Nutreco’s wireless network was falling short due to outdated technology, resulting in an increase in the number of tickets raised to IT, and overall management issues globally. Nutreco’s IT team concluded the network was no longer adequate and began to investigate who could best supply a Wi-Fi network across 180 locations, including office, factory and warehouse environments. Nutreco set the following requirements during their search for a new network: Embracing new standard, good manageability of access points, roaming option and simple deployment. In addition to an employee network, Nutreco wanted to make a wireless network available for guest users, which had to be easy to deploy and manage at a global level. After several weeks of testing and implementing a POC in the factory environment, Nutreco selected Aerohive based on showed the best coverage and planning tools for insight, and best scalability of the network. With Aerohive, Nutreco’s team can now expand without replacing access points. Nutreco is also implementing Aerohive’s Software-Defined LAN capabilities managed by HiveManager, located in the cloud. Aerohive is also providing optimum support for Nutreco’s central management team that uses the same wireless standards at all locations. Nutreco can now roll out policies centrally, saving a lot more time. Installation has also been simplified with deployment now taking place from the Netherlands without access points having to be sent back and forth. This has hugely increased efficiency and the team can now provide a flawless network globally, without needing a local IT department. The new Aerohive solution has proven itself both operationally and in the area of innovation capacity. A seamless wireless network is now running, which in terms of performance has been a huge leap forward. This is notable in the significant reduction to the number of tickets raised to the IT team, and Nutreco support costs have since been reduced by 25 to 30 percent, thanks to HiveManager’s centralized management.