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A New Security Landscape for Evolving Network Needs

Cradlepoint Security Week Delves Into New Fronts at the Edge

Welcome to Cradlepoint Security Week. We’re really excited to kick off this weeklong conversation about network and data security. It’s a great opportunity to explore not only the security of edge solutions, but also the effectiveness of how organizations leverage those solutions.

A new conversation on security is needed to deal with the rapid expansion of the network edge. Where once security could be centralized in the data center for fixed branches and rely on MPLS for segmentation, organizations are now facing security challenges in mobile vehicles, their IoT deployments, and temporary locations, as well as traditional fixed locations that use broadband and LTE. This expanded edge introduces new and different challenges at each front, even while threats keep becoming more sophisticated.

I hope you get a chance to join one of our webinars this week, where we’ll be joined by NetMotion to discuss the unique needs for security in vehicles and by Dr. Chase Cunningham to explore the challenges of securing IoT infrastructure. You also can watch our webinar with Sacramento County about network availability and security at their polling locations. These are three of the new fronts on the expanding network edge.

As the edge expands before our very eyes, it demands changes in how security is handled. A single organization can have vehicles, small branches, large branches, and customer-accessible WiFi, with IoT in those vehicles, outside their buildings, in their digital signage, in their utility systems, and even in their green walls. And each of those locations and IoT deployments might be connected over wired broadband, LTE, and eventually 5G.

Each of these situations can’t have its own security technology, management, and configuration; there must be consolidation to provide network-wide policies and visibility. The final webinar in our virtual event discusses Cradlepoint NetCloud and Zscaler, and how cloud security solutions can provide a cohesive, integrated solution for securing the new network edge.

Staying secure in this expanding, converging, changing, and threatening landscape is an ongoing challenge. We hope the conversations this week will provide information to help you navigate that challenge.

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