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Enable the New Internet - Formerly FaceTime Communications

The Internet has changed - it's no longer about commerce, brochure and static communications. The very way in which we communicate and search for information or opinions has fundamentally changed. Today's Internet is about real-time communication, collaboration and social networking. Individuals continue to bring publicly available collaboration tools into the work environment, from instant messaging to file sharing and social networks - and as companies begin to see the benefits of these tools, they are increasingly deploying enterprise unified communications and collaboration platforms, social software and real time tools.

The combination of evasive consumer applications and these UC platforms is leading to an increasingly complex, heterogeneous environment - requiring the secure enablement of the appropriate use of these tools, with intelligent, active and enabling controls.

Actiance enables enterprises to successfully utilize these collaborative platforms and resolve their real-time security, management and compliance challenges - from inbound malware and data leakage to regulatory and eDiscovery compliance, to the need for a common policy and reporting framework to simplify administration.

Actiance ensures the secure and compliant use of unified communications (UC) and Web 2.0 technologies, including social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, internal and external blogs, and instant messaging networks for the enterprise.
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