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Intelligent situational awareness and control for your network

ActionPacked! Networks is a privately-held company that develops intelligent, action-oriented software to help IT engineers achieve live situational awareness and interactive control of their networks.

The company's LiveAction software is a totally new and effortless, all-in-one approach for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting Cisco devices on live networks. It provides IT professionals with an intelligent and highly visual means of unleashing many of the underutilized features trapped inside their network devices. LiveAction consists of a scalable software framework with modules for QoS monitoring, QoS configuration, NetFlow, Routing, and IP SLA.

LiveAction replaces complicated error-prone command lines with an intuitive graphical user interface that includes rich visualizations of the network topology plus in-depth views of individual devices, interfaces, flows and routes. The topology view show how flows and routes traverse the network in real time and highlights any sources of congestion.

LiveAction has a built-in expert knowledgebase so IT engineers, regardless of their experience, can perform complex router and network operations with speed, ease and confidence. LiveAction user options, configuration templates, and presets follow industry and device vendor best practices to ensure full compliance and compatibility with new and existing networks.

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