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Clone Systems

Real-Time Network Security Delivered by Certified Security Professionals.

Clone Systems is a global network security provider established in 1998 that provides best-in-class solutions for securing your network. Our established industry presence and innovative solutions utilizing cutting edge technologies make your security position a tenable operating expense rather than an obstructive capital cost. Furthermore, our award-winning service guarantees that your security initiatives will be implemented and maintained with the highest regard.

We currently have more than 1,000 clients world-wide and actively protect more than 3,000 network nodes. Clone Systems headquarters is in North America and our European head office is in the U.K.

Clone Systems delivers both ready-made and customized security solutions that assure the veracity of your data and all assets and resources in your network. Our team of highly trained network security and infrastructure engineers provide expert assessments and recommendations regarding intrusion protection, detection, and response, at either your local installation or at our managed enterprise data centers. Most services are available by monthly subscription with no long term commitment. Others, like penetration testing or PCI scans, can be performed on an on-demand basis.
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