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Dorado Software

Complete Lifecycle Management of Networks, Systems, Services and Applications.

Dorado Software, Inc. is the market leader in infrastructure and service lifecycle management for heterogeneous and multi-technology environments. Dorado gives the power to view, deploy, configure and control resources via a single solution, offering an economical and efficient alternative to the multiple disparate systems traditionally used to manage networks and datacenters.

Dorado Software is founded on expertise in the network and system management arena and driven by innovation. Continuously upgrading and building on its extensive suite of products and massive library of "Device Drivers", Dorado keeps ahead of next-generation network-based technologies as they evolve.

Dorado's cost-effective integrated solutions deliver low TCO and rapid ROI, minimizing risk while providing high value. The cost to deploy Redcell is a fraction of expensive Framework-based and OSS solutions yet delivers all the functionality companies need.
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