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Vendor Risk Management

Evantix's SaaS platform helps ease the compliance burden for enterprises of all sizes by making it easier to assess and manage risk exposure across a portfolio of third-party vendors and service providers. Standardized, on-demand risk reports and customizable scoring technology provide corporate risk managers and IT security professionals with quick, accurate and cost-effective visibility into the potential risk associated with outside service providers. By improving risk intelligence, businesses can make informed decisions about vendors and service providers, dramatically reducing exposure to potential risk.

The traditional approach for risk assessment is to employ internal resources and armies of spreadsheets, and is expensive and slow. With Evantix, vendor and supplier assessments currently consuming weeks or months to complete can be accomplished in hours and days; allowing professional staff to stay focused on data analysis, not data gathering.

The Evantix SaaS application is a set of browser based tools designed specifically to empower corporate risk managers, vendor managers, and other business leaders to gauge the overall level of risk within their vendor pool(s) and supply chain(s). Similar to how credit reports and FICO scores help lenders determine credit worthiness for consumers, the Evantix suite has been purpose built to generate risk reports and risk scores based on the unique profile of the relationships that drive and support your business or organization.

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