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MailFoundry is a product/service of Solinus, Inc. Founded in 1999, Solinus has been providing email technologies to customers world-wide. Their core focus is email, and it shows. No other email services company can lay claim to the quality and innovation that they build into their products and services.

Located in the heart of the upper midwest -- in what they refer to as the "Silicon Tundra" -- they capitalize on their strong midwestern business ethics and a commitment to serve their customers at their corporate headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Our employees are levelheaded folks with a passion for building quality products and services that fit their customer's needs. They listen to their customers, and their suggestions routinely find their way into their product updates and help shape new products and services that will soon be announced.

Located a quick cross country flight from Silicon Valley, they're in touch with the heartbeat of the valley, without the costs associated with the location. Not to mention the high employee turnover, traffic and financial turmoil.

Our employees are concerned about their family's quality of life and are committed to leading the industry in technology and success of their products.

They promote collaboration and small, effective teams rule the offices of their sprawling 18,000 sq/ft facility just a stone's throw from historic Lambeau Field.

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