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MeetingSense Software Corporation is a venture backed start up that was founded in 2004 by former IBM and Macromedia management to address the emerging need among today's businesses for a simple but effective way to collaboratively manage meeting information and action items in order to optimize business productivity.

In recent years, corporate globalization, expanding regulatory requirements, sophisticated new web conferencing technologies, and a surge in the risks and costs of travel have resulted in a dramatic increase in the cost and number meetings held by organizations, particularly web and telephone conferences that include diverse participants spread across wide geographic areas.

As the quantity of meetings has risen, however, the quality has declined, and productivity has suffered. Meeting time is increasingly wasted due to a lack of structure, lost information, and mismanaged responsibilities. These problems are exacerbated when employees in different regions and from different fields of expertise collaborate over electronic media, with little or no personal rapport. The resulting inefficiencies impact all aspects of business and cost the global economy billions of dollars each year.

In response to this pervasive problem, MeetingSense Software formed to provide a targeted, comprehensive solution. The goal was to develop software that would allow businesses to maximize their return on investment in meeting time and meeting technology by ensuring that each meeting, regardless of size, scope, or subject, is leveraged directly into productive action.

The result is the company's flagship product, MeetingSense, a hosted collaborative software solution for optimizing meeting productivity.
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