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Founded in 2003, Sendio is a feisty Southern California company based in Newport Beach battling against larger corporate competitors and entrenched industry mindsets.

While email is not a glamorous IT topic like virtualization and cloud computing, it continues to be rated as the most important business tool by workers and managers in all industries. Maintaining the usability and productivity of email communications is a standard IT responsibility.

Sendio delivers products that protect your email environment while maintaining the integrity of the communications process. This means that they solve problems without creating other issues.

They are a team of software developers, support experts and business people who are passionate about their products and their customers. They are a mix of experienced business managers and young professionals that are highly motivated to succeed. Even though they are now "just" a small company working to become a medium-sized one, they still act like the aggressive start-up that excited their venture capital backers several years ago.

Sendio markets its products worldwide in partnership with resellers and systems integrators that focus on email solutions. They also maintain strategic relationships with larger enterprises that request them.
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