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Trustwave is the leading provider of on-demand data security and payment card industry compliance management solutions to businesses and organizations throughout the world. Trustwave has helped thousands of organizations - ranging from Fortune 500 businesses and large financial institutions to small and medium-sized retailers - manage compliance and secure their network infrastructure, data communications and critical information assets.

In 2012, Trustwave acquired M86 Security, a global leader in Web security solutions and advanced anti-malware technology.With the acquisition of M86 Security, Trustwave is gaining:

Web and email security products

With the acquisition, Trustwave gains M86 Secure Web Gateway, M86 WebMarshal and M86 Web Filtering and Reporting Suite products. Trustwave also enhances its position in email security with the addition of M86 MailMarshal.

Advanced malware detection technology

Trustwave also gains advanced anti-malware technologies, including a new cloud-based technology that M86 Security is developing to protect organizations from targeted attacks in emails. Trustwave plans to add these technologies to its existing products, including its cloud-based TrustKeeper portal.

Broader threat intelligence and security research

M86 Security Labs will become part of Trustwave SpiderLabs, the advanced security team within Trustwave focused on penetration testing, incident response, application security and security research. The M86 Security Labs team is a global team of specialized security experts and researchers who provide proactive updates to M86 Security products, enabling customers to detect and defend against new and emerging exploits and malware threats.
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