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Voltage Security

End-to-End Encryption for Data Protection.

Voltage Security, Inc., is an enterprise security company, providing innovative security solutions that protect employee and customer data wherever it goes end-to-end - via email, documents, or stored in databases and accessed by business applications. By enabling end-to-end encryption (E2EE), Voltage's solutions stop identity theft, enable fast compliance with PCI regulations, support ARRA privacy guidelines, reduce risks associated with developer, outsourced and off-shore environments, and protect the privacy of communications with employees, business partners and consumers. Voltage delivers end-to-end encryption with rapid implementation and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry through the use of award-winning Voltage Identity-Based EncryptionTM (IBE) and a new breakthrough innovation: Format-Preserving EncryptionTM (FPE).

Voltage Security offerings include Voltage SecureMailTM, Voltage SecureDataTM, Voltage SecureFileTM and the Voltage Security NetworkTM (VSN), an on-demand managed service for the extended business network. The Company has been issued several patents based upon breakthrough research in mathematics and cryptographic systems. Voltage solutions are available on-premise, as a service (SaaS) and for Key Management, via cloud-based services.

Voltage solutions are in use at more than 850 enterprise customers, including some of the world's leading brand-name companies in banking, insurance, retail and healthcare such as ING, Kodak, Kaiser Permanente, Wells Fargo and Heartland Payment Systems.
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