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Wyse Technology is the global leader in thin computing-based virtualization software and hardware solutions. Wyse and its strategic partners, including, Citrix, CSC, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Novell, VMware and others deliver the most innovative hardware, software, and services that optimize the benefits of cloud computing, virtualization and green IT. These thin computing solutions allow consumers, SMEs and large public and private enterprises to access high definition voice, data and video content they need, with optimized security, manageability, and user experience at a much lower total cost of ownership than other traditional end user devices, including PCs. Wyse has the largest global distribution network in the thin computing market through its partners and offices worldwide. Wyse was founded in 1981, and it is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA.

Wyse services, software, and hardware make it easier for IT departments to manage, update, and service desktops from a central location. All while providing access to the applications and information people need, without requiring the desktop systems to store them.

The combination of hardware, software, and services frees IT departments and CIOs to spend less on infrastructure maintenance and focus on more strategic matters that move the business forward.

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