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Big Business Wi-Fi For Small Businesses.

Xclaim Wireless is a new kind of Wi-Fi system exclusively developed for the small business market that redefines the model for offering enterprise-grade Wi-Fi services to organizations that have little to no IT expertise.

The Xclaim brand includes disruptively priced, cloud-ready, controller-free Wi-Fi products, that represent a fundamentally different approach to delivering enterprise-class Wi-Fi. Unlike alternatives, Xclaim eliminates the cost and complexity associated with conventional Enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) systems for smaller organizations that can’t justify purchasing them, but still desire best in class Wi-Fi connectivity, coverage, and performance, with simple, easy management.

Included within the Xclaim portfolio is the free Harmony for Xclaim mobile application. Purpose-built for the iOS and Android operating systems, Harmony for Xclaim radically streamlines installation, configuration and ongoing administration of a Wi-Fi network. Within minutes, small businesses can begin offering secure, robust and reliable Wi-Fi at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional enterprise alternatives.

Xclaim Wireless was created by Ruckus Wireless, Inc - a global supplier of advanced wireless systems for the rapidly expanding mobile Internet infrastructure market.
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