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Aerohive Networks Announces HiveManager Skill for Amazon Alexa In Stores and Available Now


Milpitas, Calif. — December 4, 2018 — Aerohive Networks® (NYSE: HIVE), a cloud-management innovator and leader, today announced its Amazon Alexa Skill, Aerohive® HiveManager Shortcuts, is now officially released and available to anyone with a HiveManager® public cloud account. Customers can also find Aerohive’s HiveManager Shortcuts on the Amazon Alexa Skills store. First announced in October, HiveManager Shortcuts is an integration of HiveManager with Amazon Alexa that provides network administrators with a unique voice-driven, AI-powered interface to HiveManager, Aerohive’s next-generation network management system. To utilize the AI-driven Aerohive HiveManager Shortcuts skill, IT personnel simply need an Amazon Alexa app on their phone or an Alexa device. IT personnel can then add the HiveManager Shortcuts skill to Alexa and authenticate into their Aerohive HiveManager to execute a growing number of voice commands. The Aerohive HiveManager Shortcuts skill was developed by a team of dedicated power users and developers who can tune an existing skill or push out a new skill to production across Aerohive’s global cloud footprint in 30 minutes or less, or at “cloud-speed” as we like to say at Aerohive.